Weekly Highlight: Where’s Waldo?


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Things were bustling last week as the 2013 after-school program kicked off at our two Club sites – Scott Johnson Elementary and the MLK Recreation Center.  We are already in full swing, and the clubs are filling up fast.

The City’s Emergency Management Coordinator, John Waldo, stopped by the MLK Club last week.  While our site director, Mr. Benji, was going over Boys & Girls Club rules and expectations for this new school year, Mr. Waldo joined us.  He blended in with our members and staff, showing our youth what a big hat he wears.  We just HAD to take some pictures. In each shot, Mr. Waldo gave his hat to a very lucky boy or girl, giving us the chance to play “Where’s Waldo?”  Can you find Waldo in the picture?

Thank you, Mr. Waldo, for sharing your hat with our youth and staff!waldo

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