Weekly Highlight: Partnership with Houston Food Bank a Community Success


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Boys & Girls Club of Walker County (BGCWC) has partnered with Houston Food Bank to benefit the Huntsville community in two important ways.  food distribution1

First, Houston Food Bank delivers fresh produce every 3rd Thursday of each month. BGCWC distributes the fresh produce to appreciative families in our community with the help of volunteers that help us set up, distribute, and clean up.  Second, Food Bank also sends out a member of their staff to help families in our community sign up for TANF, food stamps, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Due to the collaboration and outreach of this project, BGCWC was chosen to receive the Health & Hunger Champion Award.  We were recognized for our unwavering commitment to keeping people well by reducing hunger and increasing health/nutrition in Texas.

Last week Boys & Girls Club was honored to receive the award during the Houston Food Bank Conference.food distribution4

Thank you to all of our volunteers, staff, and Houston Food Bank for making this collaboration a rewarding success!

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