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The Boys & Girls Club mission of helping children, especially those who need usdonationsAccepted most, is vital to our community. We charge parents only a small fraction of what it costs to offer our rich program of child development services and activities.

We depend on generous donors to keep our program available for over 300 children per year.

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We’re Salvaging Lives . . .
For many kids in our community growing up in today’s world is tougher than you can imagine.  Stacy (not her real name) is a perfect example of how your support and our hard work can make a huge difference in the life of a local youth.  Stacy came to us in dire circumstances.  She had little direction or guidance in her life.  She had seen drug abuse, violence, and abuse.  Her family was ready to place her in an institution. Today, Stacy is involved in our leadership program and has found a new interest in computers and handball.  She has developed positive social skills.  At the Boys & Girls Club we dream of a world where every child is given the opportunity to succeed in life and experience a brighter future.

The Need is Exploding . . .
For countless generations, parents have dreamt about their children becoming tomorrow’s leaders. But in an environment where teenagers account for more than 20 percent of violent crimes in the U.S., and some 10 percent of youth ages 12-17 are using illicit drugs, any caring adult or parent should be concerned about our young people’s ability to someday serve the community. These issues affect us all.  We all want to see our youth succeed, to Be Great.

It Takes A Village . . .
For that reason, we all must play a part in providing the resources and experiences that are proven to create good citizens and community leaders.  It’s possible to turn things around and help at-risk kids learn about good character and citizenship – the building blocks for helping youth become effective leaders. Our children must be given the tools they need to make good choices. They must learn the ethical issues that come with taking the lead.  With challenges such as the economic climate facing America today, our youngest generation must be able to successfully handle complex problems. It’s not always easy.  Every child in our community does not have full access to character-building and uplifting experiences. Kids have very little control over the situations that impact their lives.

  • A child can’t control whether parents get a divorce, or aren’t at home when needed, whether the parents lose their jobs, take drugs, or whether there’s enough to eat at home.
  • Children can’t control whether the significant people in their lives make them feel loved, valued, and capable; teach them right from wrong, make them feel safe, or inspire them to succeed.
  • Even with a well-functioning family, children can’t control peer pressure, the prevalence of sex, drugs, alcohol, and crime; or the lack of positive activities available in a small community. Boredom is dangerous for the best of kids when so many bad choices are readily available.

Walker County families and children, lacking some or all of these essential elements of life, can turn to the Boys & Girls Club for support, guidance, and carefree fun. The children can find the inspiration to Be Great. Though the Club can’t change most of the difficult situations the youth in our community are facing, it does provide a safe, fun place with caring adults to help them make the right decisions on the things they can control. By creating partnerships with schools, community leaders and parents, and by hiring caring staff, Boys & Girls Clubs create a network and culture in which EVERYONE embraces the importance of building character and becoming a good citizen.

Boys & Girls Club – A Positive Place . . .
The Club’s mission is “To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens.”  It is a positive mission that we meet head-on with life-changing programs and a caring, dedicated staff.  We are there, every day, when kids are the least supervised and the most vulnerable – the after school hours from 3:30 to 7:00 pm, and weekdays during school breaks. At the Club, kids learn to work and play together. They are given structure and responsibility. They participate in activities and programs that are so much fun they often don’t know they are learning principles and ethics. Their attitudes change. They become more confident, develop character, and learn why it is important to get an education. They are motivated to avoid alcohol, drugs, tobacco and early sexual experimentation. In such an environment, kids can discover how to see beyond the walls of their current situation and realize they CAN succeed. They are becoming better people, better members of the community – our future citizens, labor force and leaders. They are learning to Be Great.

Boys & Girls Club – Proven Impact . . .
In the spring of 2008 the world-renown Harris polling organization released the results of a landmark survey across three generations of Club alumni. This national study gave dramatic and decisive proof of what Clubs have long been aware of, but lacked the hard evidence to prove. Former Boys & Girls Club kids told about lives changed and uplifted by the Club experience. Most remarkably, 57% of alumni say the Club “saved my life.” The Harris survey revealed that 85 percent of Club alumni say that staff members helped them to know right from wrong. In fact, 77 percent attributed their learning of good leadership skills to Club staff, and 81 percent said that by participating in the Club, they developed a sense of responsibility to give back to their community.

Boys & Girls Club – A Legacy of Contribution . . .
This proven effectiveness in serving children and their families has led Boys & Girls Club of Walker County to grow continuously over the last eight years.  We are making a measureable difference at both of our two locations – Scott Johnson Elementary and Martin Luther King Recreation Center. In the last year the Boys & Girls Club of Walker County has again expanded, contributing more services to children and in collaboration with more organizations and individuals.

  • We are serving about 250 children each day with average daily attendance at Scott Johnson Site at 100 children and average attendance at our Martin Luther King site at 150 youth.
  • We have expanded services to our Club families and to the community at large.  Our after-school programs are now open until 7:00 pm to accommodate working parents.  Over 100 youth attended our Summer Camp at Martin Luther King Recreation Center.  The Club has provided outreach services and support to 1300+ youth and their families, through such events as the Food Drive for the Good Shepherd Mission and the Kids Korner at Huntsville’s annual Fair on the Square.
  • We have increased our implementation of proven, character-building programs for the kids.  For example, through a grant from Texas Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we have had over 200 children participating in the SMART Moves (Skills Mastery and Resistance Training) program.  The SMART Moves program helps youth resist drug use and premature sexual activity through small-group activities that increase participants’ peer support, enhance their life skills, build their resiliency, and strengthen their leadership skills.
  • We have strengthened our partnership with the public sector.  Huntsville Independent School District provides Club facilities at Scott Johnson, transportation to MLK, and administrative office space.  Walker County provides $15,000 in funds for programming.  The City of Huntsville provides Club facilities at MLK and, through its Community Services Department, provides $31,500 for programming.  And the Club has received federal funds of $20,000 or more in each of the last several years.
  • We have welcomed an increased partnership with area businesses and private foundations in serving the area’s children.  We received a $10,000 grant from the Powell Foundation and grants totaling over $2000 from Walmart Foundation and Bank of America.
  • We have benefitted from over $60,000 in private donations from generous individuals in our community who take responsibility for our community’s at-risk children.
  • We have secured 2.47 acres of land for a future building which will serve 400+ youth. This land was a gift, donated through collaboration of a private-public partnership.

Boys & Girls Club – As Strong as the Community Who Supports It…
Every successful and fulfilled person had someone who helped him or her get on the right path. Helping kids overcome challenges, make better decisions and develop their leadership skills may sound difficult. But it is possible if, as adults, we lead by example, encourage our children to embrace learning and support local youth organizations. Working together, we can make a difference. The Boys & Girls Club provides the opportunity for every child to receive the guidance they need to make the right choices in life. We are committed to inspiring them to Be Great. The community supports the work of the Club through giving of their time and financial resources. You have the opportunity to positively impact the life of a child. You can join us in this proven program that is meeting the needs of the youth in Walker County on a daily basis. If everyone plays a part in helping our community’s children be prepared for leadership, imagine their potential for success – and our community’s, too. You can help our children by supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Walker County.