Why Are Boys & Girls Club parents delighted . . . ?

The biggest reason is that their children LOVE to go to the Boys & Girls Club.  They have fun every day at the “clubhouse” with their friends — a community of kids to play and learn with.

Even better, their children also participate in lots of activities designed to stimulate their minds and expand their experience.  We start by ensuring that the children have time to complete their homework for the day.  From there they can enjoy a wide variety of activities from sports to computers, from art to presentations from outside experts, from dancing to character-building programs.

We maintain a discipline at the Club that allows everyone to be safe, have fun, and learn good citizenship.

Your children will thrive at the Boys & Girls Club.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Who can join?
Anyone 5-13 who is in kindergarten through 8th grade can join the club.   All membership is granted on a first-come, first-served basis, as long as space is available.

When is the Club open?
The Club is open during hours when kids most need a place to go – after school, on some school holidays, and all day in the summer.

  • The Club at Scott Johnson Elementary School is open to children who attend Scott Johnson.  The after-school program is open right after school until 5:30 pm.  Club kids may also be dropped off early in the mornings, beginning at 6:30 am.
  • The Club at Martin Luther King Recreation Center is open to eligible children at all Walker County schools from 3:30 pm – 7:00 pm each weekday during the school year and from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm during the summer and on days (other than national holidays) when school is closed.

What are the Club fees for attendance?
Each Club location has its own fee structure.  For the after-school program, the fees are as follows:

  • Scott Johnson Elementary School — $20 per family per week, payable by the month.  For full days when school is not open, such as teacher-training days, the Scott Johnson Club is also not open.  Children may attend the MLK Rec Center Club on those days at a fee of $6 per day.
  • Martin Luther King Recreation Center – There is a $20 per child annual membership fee PLUS a $15 per child monthly activity fee.  Families with two or more children in the program pay $30 per month activity fees.  Monthly fees are payable no later than the 5th day of every month.On full days when school is closed (such as teacher-training, winter and spring breaks, and some holidays),  Children from our MLK and SJE sites are eligible to attend.  MLK members pay the additional $6 per day fee only for spring break and summer.If the child is not previously a member of Boys & Girls Club of Walker County at either the Scott Johnson or MLK club site, they are welcome to attend the MLK Club on days when school is closed.  They must register as a Boys & Girls Club member, completing the application and paying the $20 annual membership fee.  The fees are $6 per child per day.
  • Summer Camp.  Boys & Girls Club of Walker County offers a full summer program of fun activities for children 6 – 13 years of age.  The fees for this program are $30 per week, payable monthly.

What Activities are Offered?
Boys & Girls Club is committed to offering a full range of activities to assist your child to succeed in school, stay healthy, learn important life skills, pursue interests in the arts and sports, and explore vocational choices.  We are not a baby-sitting service.  We are a child development program.

Each day we have scheduled rotations, in age-related groups, that provide time for your child –

  • to do their homework (with assistance) and/or read,
  • to play games both outdoors and indoors, and
  • to participate a wide variety of enrichment activities – art, creative writing, fitness, tutorials, character-building programs.

Do You Feed the Children?
Yes.  Growing, active children need good meals and snacks.  In the after-school program, children are provided a snack each day.  In the summer program, all Club members receive breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack each day.  All food is nutritionally-sound and is provided by the Huntsville Independent School District.

Who Staffs the Club?
We choose our staff for their positive attitudes, love of children, and a desire to make a difference in the lives of the children they influence.  Each Club location has a certified teacher as its site director.

  • At the Scott Johnson Club, which is a state-licensed childcare facility, all staff members, other than specialty youth-development staff, are certified teachers.
  •  At the Martin Luther King location, staff members are college students who are training in related fields such as education and kinesiology.

Will You Discipline My Child?
All children that attend the Boys & Girls Clubs are expected to behave respectfully and to obey both HISD and Club rules.  Our intention is to create a safe and fun environment and to model and teach good citizenship.  All discipline will be conducted in a consistent, fair, and compassionate manner, and will encourage children to feel good about themselves and others.

Typically, your child will be disciplined by restricting his/her access to Club activities – from simple time-outs to suspensions for more serious behaviors.  There is no corporal punishment. 

How Do I Join?
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